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About Us

Candler Sparrow is a company created to be able to offer high quality jewelry at an affordable price. 

Jewelry ties every outfit together, as well as offers a statement to your own personal style. 

i was a young military wife for many years. I always loved jewelry but was never able to afford nice quality. Let’s be real, military pay doesn’t go far for most so my selection was slim to say the least. As I got older I was able to buy pieces of nicer quality but couldn’t and still can’t believe the prices! Last year I decided to put my passion into full affect of starting my own business.. I took the time to ensure I could offer great pieces at a fraction of the cost of other companies. Whether your a statement kind of gal, or land on the minimalistic end Candler Sparrow has something to offer your style. 

Jewelry can be timeless, as well as passed down through generations and always worth the investment especially at a fraction of the price. 

I have poured every ounce of love into my company, from every pieces of hand picked, or crafted jewelry down to the packaging. I hope you enjoy!  


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